Thoughts of the day – Asking what should be easy questions 5/17/16


Do you still like your partner?
Do you love your partner?
Do you still hold their hand?
Do you still kiss often?
Do you still have an active sex life?
Do you still look forward to spending time with them, often?
Do you communicate with your partner well?
Do they know all your secrets and you know theirs?
Do you choose to be near them at parties and get togethers?
Do you prefer your friends being theirs and vice versa?
Do you admire them?
Do you rarely, if ever, have negative thoughts about them?
Do you miss their company when you have to be away any length of time?
Can you say this even after being together a decade or more?
Do you like giving to them?
Do you like doing things for them?
Are you happy with who they are?
Are you on the same page for current and future goals?
Are you both interested in what happened in your daily lives?
Do you say I love you at least once a day and mean it?
Do you seldom, if ever go to bed angry at your partner?
Is violence a non-entity in your relationship?
Are you verbally loving to each other?
Do you both express your feelings and thoughts to each other often?
Can you honestly say they are your best friend?

If your answer is no to more than one or two of those questions, ask yourself why. I urge those that do to read my Foundations series and continue on when I start my Relationships 301 series. I urge you to read my thoughts of the day and most importantly my mission statement. I am writing for you. I am writing to you.


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