Thoughts of the day – Control 4/25/16

So much of what we do in our personal relationships are centered around trying to control them. It most often isn’t a conscious idea, but instead something we do in an attempt to think of ourselves as secure.

However control is an illusion at all times. Your expectations of how your partners or friends should behave are just that…YOUR expectations. They aren’t real anymore than any other opinion. The problem with having the expectations is that they set yourself up to be emotionally disturbed when, inevitably, these expectations are not met. This is where the quote “Expectations are premeditated resentment” comes from.

One of the most freeing things you can ever do for yourself is let go of your expectations of others. Allow the people around you to be who they are without the constraints of your expectations.

Learn all about how you can get there in my Foundations video series.

With Love

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