Thoughts of the day – Giving 4/28/16

How many of us have seen the statement “You get what you give”? While the sentiment is probably mostly true, I fear that it sends the wrong message about why we should be giving.

Do not give to get. Why is that?

1. The mere act of doing so is, by definition, selfish.
2. When you are giving in the hopes of receiving you are creating expectations that will many times not be met. When they are not met, it can and will cause emotional disturbance.
3. It misses the point of giving
4. People will see right through it and cause resentment in both parties.

So then if I can’t expect to get something back in return, why would I want to go out of my way to give?

Because nothing else will create as good of positive self-talk, thus as good of feeling as giving without expectations does.

I give because I love knowing that I might make a difference in someone else’s life. I give love to my partners because I want the best for them and the best I have is love. I give to friends because I want them to have proof through action that someone cares. I give to strangers because bring a smile to peoples faces means more to me than money.

Evaluate why you give today.

With Love,


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