Thoughts of the Day – Men Bashing and Selfies on Facebook. 5/6/16

Lately I’ve been adding a lot of new folks to my page as I am ramping up my two businesses. It’s a good way to network and get exposure to my photography and Life and Relationships ideas. However with these new efforts has come a shocking discoveries.

Can someone please explain the need to have meme after meme or post after post bashing men? Do you not understand that you feel the way you think? Have you gone so far down the rabbit hole that you believe a constant stream of vitriol towards men is productive to you being a happy and healthy person? Have you no concept that your efforts are not coming across as funny, but instead are seen as a sign of your own issues?

Which leads me to the other thing I’m seeing. Do you honestly need to post 20 times a day and have nothing to say? Do you need to add one to two selfies a day looking for validation? The only validation that will ever actually work toward a goal to be a happy and healthy human is self validation. You won’t find that from horn ball men liking your latest selfie. The fact that 70 men just loved your post stating “I’m bored” and offering to cure your boredom says nothing about your value as a human. It only says something about the men seeking your attention.

Take a step back and think about your actions. It is never too late to change course. It’s never too late to learn how to lead happy and healthy lives and be in happy and healthy relationships. It’s not going to happen through facebook I promise you.

Oh – and to anyone wondering – yes I unfriend those people as soon as I see these folks. While I love and want help people, I understand that the people I can help are only those that want advice and help. So many are never going to get there

With Love,


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