Thoughts of the day – Who Are You? 2006

Who are you? Written 2006 – Diego Abrams

It’s a simple question. Is it a simple answer? Are you the collection of thoughts in your head? Are you the body you walk in? Are you your beliefs and ideals?

Most people seem to have a tough time understanding that question, or more importantly, they don’t know the real answer. We aren’t who we think we are. We aren’t the collection of thoughts in our heads. We aren’t the body we walk in. We aren’t who we wish we were. We are our actions. We are our interaction with others. We are who we portray ourselves to be.

How many times have you run across the person that says “you just don’t understand me”, or “I’m a mystery”? To me, it’s the funniest joke around. You aren’t a mystery, and you aren’t greatly misunderstood. You are a collection of your words and actions. You choose what to say. You choose what to do. No mystery there.

I liken it to a five year old that says to himself that he is Superman, or Spiderman. He believes it. To him, he is the collection of thoughts in his head and if he thinks of himself as a superhero then a superhero he is! Of course the reality is that he’s a five year old. That should be common sense to the world but it seems to be a lost concept to so many adults that go through life still thinking themselves as something they aren’t.

You aren’t a giving person if you don’t give.

You aren’t a talkative person if you can’t hold a conversation.

You aren’t an intellectual if you can’t and don’t interact with intellectuals.

You aren’t a social conservative if you live an alternative lifestyle.

Being quiet doesn’t make you a mystery, it makes you shy.

You aren’t misunderstood, you lack proper communication skills.

You aren’t waiting for the perfect guy/gal to marry at forty; you are unable to stay in a relationship.

You aren’t a social drinker when you come home drunk more than once a month, you have a drinking problem.

You aren’t a shy little girl wearing that outfit that would make your mother gasp, you like the attention.

You aren’t picky about your partner if you’ve had more partners this year than you care to admit. You like sex.

You haven’t got a ton of friends if you spend no real time with the majority of them.

You aren’t an attentive listener if the only topic that interests you is yourself.

You aren’t a caring person if you never ask about others.

You are the friends you keep. You are the words you speak.

Remember this the next time you open your mouth to tell someone who you are. Are you really who you say you are, or are you living the lie in your head of who you wish you were?

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