Thoughts of the Day – You don’t need help, right? 5/12/16

One of the most baffling things I run into is the reluctance people have to asking for help, or even the willingness to honestly be open minded to the idea that they might not have all the answers already.

Why would that be baffling to me? Because it’s usually only reserved for emotional and relationship issues. When our car isn’t working properly, and we don’t honestly know how to fix it, we aren’t stubbornly refusing help from those that know how to solve the problem. When our laptop stops working we aren’t refusing to seek help fixing it. When we are not sure what is wrong with our pets, we don’t refuse to take him to the vet because we think we know how to solve it.

However, when we have lived 30+ years and struggled to maintain happiness we rarely seek help in finding solutions. When we are single at 40+ (or have never had a successful relationship at any age) and can’t seem to find the “right” partner, we stubbornly hold onto doing the same things we’ve always done. Because, you know, it isn’t us, it’s that there are no good men or women out there. When we are clinging onto a marriage that long since expired we might tell our partner that they need help, but rarely do we own that we ourselves might need the help or be part of the problem.

We already know all the answers on how to be happy, even though we can’t seem to actually achieve it. We already know exactly how to have a perfect relationship, we just need to find that perfect partner. We just know it’s not us that has ever been the problem in all the failed relationships in our past. It’s never us, it’s always someone else.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we waste so much time when there are people that can help? There are people that can show you the right path?

Let me help. Be open minded to thinking and doing things differently than you have ever thought of doing them before. What exactly do you have to lose?

With love,

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