Thoughts of the day – Your body is not you 4/26/16

We have become a society where our outward image is everything. We take our selfies to gauge others reaction to our outward appearance. We look in the mirror and judge ourselves by what we see because that’s what everyone else seems to do. We are conditioned.

However, our worth as humans is not about our bodies. We are not our legs, arms, breasts, and genitals. We are instead the collection of our interactions with others.

So why is this so important to understand?

Because our bodies change. We grow older. What you look like today might not be what you look like tomorrow. Disease can and does happen. If we’ve wrapped so much of our ego and self worth into what we look like – Age, or losing a breast to cancer, or being in that car accident can cause a downward spiral of negative self talk few can escape.

If you see yourself as that image you see in the mirror than you will see yourself as damaged if that image changes into something you did not plan or want.

Instead, start yourself down the road where you know, not just think, that you are not any one thing. You are instead the entire collection of your thoughts and actions. No single thing can change about you and thus change that collective. You would still be you. Beauty, as cliche as it sounds, starts not by what you see in the mirror, but by your actions and interactions with others. Value that about yourself above all else and others will see it as well.

With Love


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