Announcing the outline for Relationships 301 series

This is not set in stone, but the outline I am using to move forward. Each section would be its own video with transcript.

Relationships 301 outline:

  1. Setting your goals for relationships.
  2. What is love?
  3. The importance of intimacy and sex.
  4. Obstacles to your goals – Ownership and Control.
  5. Giving as a way to achieve goals.
  6. Resentment and Blame. Enemies to your goals.
  7. Elimination of resentment and blame.
  8. Communication and truth telling.
  9. Setting personal boundaries/Killing magical love fairies.
  10. Unreasonable and reasonable expectations.
  11. Why do relationships end and how are we now inoculated against it.
  12. Knowing when to say no and walk away.
  13. Friends and family relationships.
  14. Navigating parenthood.
  15. Saving relationships you are already in.
  16. Choosing the right partner.

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