Thoughts of the day – The Orlando massacre 6/13/16


I am not sure that people on here have noticed, but I stay away from political commentary. I don’t do this to try to be non-confrontational, I do this because I believe our two party system is insane – I believe in the horseshoe political theory. Meaning that the political spectrum is not a straight line where the far left and far left are on the opposite ends of a line. Instead, the political landscape is a horseshoe. The further left or right from center you go, the closer the two sides become.

I loathe the whole thing. I do not label myself anything, which gives me the freedom to not tow any party line. It liberates me to be a free thinker, which leads me to this post.

If we are trying, as a society, to become one group, I find it inexplicable that we continually try to use wordage that singles out one group as more important that any other group. What happened in Orlando was a tragedy. 103 humans and their families are suffering. They are having to deal with real trauma, with real strife. Notice I did not label them, just described them as humans, because that is what they were.

So why are so many in the media trying to use the ridiculous wordage “hate crime”? Isn’t any murder about hate? Isn’t all terrorism about hate? Why try and attach a political agenda to this tragedy? When terrorists attacked the offices or Charlie Hebdo we didn’t call it a hate crime against satirical magazine workers – that was obvious. When terrorists struck the twin towers we didn’t call it a hate crime against capitalist workers – that was obvious. When Boko Haram kidnapped and raped women and girls in Africa we didn’t call it hate against women – that was obvious. Why do we need to call this terrorist attack a hate crime now? Because the victims were possibly not heterosexual? (I say possibly because many heterosexual people visit clubs that cater to non-heterosexual people just like the reverse).

If we, as a society, want to get to a point where we see ourselves as a whole, maybe we should stop using language meant to divide us. The humans murdered yesterday were no different than anyone else. They were the sum of their interactions with others, their bodies and their minds. They were not gay, republican, democrat, black, white, lesbian, tall, short, women or men. They were not any one single attribute but instead were whole humans. We should not be outraged because a gay man, black man, white woman, lesbian asian, transgendered person was murdered, raped, robbed, or was treated unfairly. We should be outraged that humans are doing this to other humans.

Labels divide us and allow humans to see other humans as different from themselves. Humans can justify hatred and violence to humans they see as different from themselves. If we see ourselves as not any one attribute, but instead a collective of them all, it becomes difficult to see others as different from that. They become us. We don’t harm us, we harm them.

We are not any one thing about ourselves. We are not any one of our ideologies. We are not any one interaction with others. We are not any one physical attribute. We are not any one idea. We are not our job. We are not our religious ideas. We are not our hobbies. We are not our political affiliations. We are the sum total of everything. We are all the sum total of our ideas, our physical attributes, our jobs, our loves, our wants, our desires, our hobbies. We are thousands of things and not any one, two or twenty things, we are all of them or none of them.

We cannot hope to start reducing violence and hate among humans until we stop dividing ourselves. Stop labeling ourselves based on one or two attributes and instead understand that we are many things. Some attributes will be different, and some the same. There is no us, and there is no them.

With love,

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