Thoughts of the Day – Shootings in Dallas and Tennessee 7/8/16

I want to again speak about a subject I touched on after the Florida shootings. People want to know how to end this violence. People want answers on what needs to be taught to end these cycles. I know that answer and have written about it extensively. It’s time people start reading it and spreading the word.

If you want to reduce or nearly end the shootings and violence as a whole, “them” needs to change to “us”. We protect “us” and hurt “them”. Well isn’t that a nice slogan? Seems the ultimate no shit statement eh?

Well I offer a solution that can and will do this. Start teaching humans that we are the sum total of our actions and attributes, NOT any one or two of them. It is the key to self worth and it is the key to seeing others as more than just a black man, a white man, a christian man, gay woman, a bisexual man, a jew, a tutsi, a man, woman, transgendered, atheist, rich, poor or any other adjective that describes a single attribute of a human. I am not any one of my attributes. I am not any one of my actions. I am not any one of my ideas, I am not just my beliefs, I am not any of my millions of interactions with others. I am instead all of them.

That is what is meant to be human. I have more in common with every human on earth than I do not have in common. I laugh, I cry, I screw, I eat, I speak, I move, I feel, I defecate, I have human arms, legs, genitals, eyes, mouth, teeth, hair, etc. I am you and you are me. We are us.

We teach our children math, science, history, etc but we fail to teach them self worth. We fail to teach them to see themselves and others as more than any one thing. That no one, two or twenty things about them define them as a human. They are a collection and that collection resembles all other human’s collection. We are us, not them.

I urge everyone to read or listen to Part 10 of my Foundations series that addresses this.

With love,

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