About Triscele Life

My Mission Statement

I am here to help you feel better about yourself. I am here to teach you how to have happy and healthy relationships and keep them long term. I am here to give you the tools to live a happy and healthy life. I am always your advocate. I will always have you best interests at heart. I will not abandon you and I will love you for who you are. I love and accept anyone that wants to live a happy and healthy life.

Now having said all that –

I will not lie to you. I don’t care how much you ask me to.
I will not let you fail yourself. I am your advocate even if you are not.
I will not sugar coat anything. Your feelings are the result of how you think, so do not look for me to spare your feelings.

Also –

I do not care if you believe in god or not. What I teach is self empowerment. I keep god out of it, you do not have to.

I do not care what god, or gods you pray to. It’s irrelevant to me.

I do not care your ethnicity. I see humans

I do not care what gender you are.

I do not care what your sexuality is. It’s irrelevant to me teaching you how to be happy.

I do not care what your politics are – just leave them at the door.

What I expect from my students: To listen, to learn and to do the work. You cannot expect results without work. I am going to bust my ass for you. I expect you to bust your ass for you.

The Author

Diego Abrams is located in Ayer, Massachusetts and studied environmental engineering at USF in Tampa Florida but currently is working full time as a photographer at Triscele Photography and writing for this blog as a base for his Triscele Life and Relationships classes he teaches.

What is Triscele Life and Relationships and the Triscele way?

Triscele Life and Relationships uses Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) concepts as a foundation for a far reaching theory on how to live a happy and happy life and how to be in happy and healthy relationships.

The theories were developed after 15 years of personal study into REBT and over ten years of personal research into why relationships fail – through interviewing of hundreds of people both in and out of relationships.

After practicing REBT for over ten years, I started to develop a rough outline on how relationships must operate if they are to have a realistic chance of success. It was at that time I sat my life partner (Karla) down and started introducing her to my ideas. She believed that I was onto something and we both fundamentally changed how we operated within our relationship with startling results.

After a couple years of practice, I met another woman (Desi)  whom I started dating and introduced her to my, now further refined, concepts. She also saw merit in them and changed how she operated in personal relationships. At the same time she met and started seeing my life partner Karla and we decided to begin a three way relationship where each of us are equally involved with each other.

It has now been years practicing the Triscele way and the end results have been life changing for us all. We have a relationship and lives without strife or drama. We have communication levels that we could only have dreamed of before we changed how we thought of relationships. We are as intimate today as the day we met and cannot see how that could change in the future.

Although I live in a non-monogamous relationship the Triscele way has nothing to do with non-monogamy and will work for any two people coming into a relationship with similar (to each other) personal boundaries.

The Triscele way has no religious ideology and therefore is open to people of any and all religious backgrounds as well as agnostics and atheists.  It also works for any type of interpersonal relationships be they friendships, lovers, partners, coworkers, family members or what have you.

The specific genders of the people in the relationships area also insignificant to what I teach so it is, by its very nature, alternative relationship friendly.

Although we do and will speak of cultural norms in western  society, it has little to nothing to do with the Triscele way itself, thus is open to people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Triscele way is not something you have seen before. While you might have come across certain elements such as the foundations which comprise a lot of REBT or cognitive therapy terminologies, the whole of the theory is new and I was not influenced by others (again other than using REBT as building blocks).

Who will benefit from Triscele Life and Relationships?

Anyone that is truly open to trying something completely different. The Triscele way spends a lot of time demolishing cultural norms when it comes to interpersonal relationships. It will challenge your most basic ideals of how relationships must work. It will fundamentally change how you view life and your responsibility to yourself.

If you are dogmatic and closed minded to challenging what you think you know, it is not going to work for you. If you sincerely believe that your emotions come out of nowhere, you will fight this at every step. If you are not willing to put in real work to change how you think, then this will not stick. You will fall back into old habits.

If you are sick of being unhappy, depressed, lonely, and anxious about life and/or are sick of relationships not working long term and not being able to choose the right person for yourself, then this very well might be the answer. You will have to do work. Nothing in life worth doing is easy.  You have to be at a point where you are willing to throw out everything you think you know. If you are, welcome to the Triscele way.

With Love,