From Tumblr – Sometimes I share.

People write me often on Tumblr for advice. I don’t normally share them elsewhere, but I thought this one just needed to be posted as a warning. This type of thinking isn’t productive and is about your insecurity.

anonymous asked:

i like this guy and really always try to get his attention, like i come up close to him and talk to him, laugh with him blabla, but he seems to always ignore me, like either he goes away when im there or never makes direct eye contact yet has no problem with my other friends, is something wrong with me?

My response:

Update on my video series

Foundations part 9 is written. Starting the last section, part ten, today. Should have videos up of at least part 7 and 8 by this weekend. Hopefully I can find time to get part 9 up as well and maybe somewhere I can fit in time to finish writing part ten, which is officially the last part of the Foundations series.

For those that are not aware – I have written and read off of a transcript for the Foundation series videos. The Foundation series needed to cover a very specific set of ideas. The ideas are essential for understanding anything I speak of in the next few series of videos. However, from here out, my videos are going to be done with just a basic outline of what I want to talk about. Off the cuff so to speak. I will make the video based on the outline and then go back and create a transcript from the video.

As further information, the next series I am starting is called Relationships 301. This series will be exclusively about how to be in happy and healthy relationships, be they romantic or platonic. Some videos might focus on romantic relationships while others will be more broad in scope.

At the same time I am doing the Relationships 301 videos I will also start a series that focusing on life issues in general. I haven’t named the series yet, but that will come along soon enough. That series will be for any issues that are not relationship based.

You will have need to have read and or watched – and even more importantly understood – my Foundations series before starting either of these series. Think of these as the meat and potatoes of the Triscele way.

After those two series, I will likely do one more video series on very advanced specific relationship issues, but that is far on the horizon. As with anything on here, if you have questions or comments, don’t be afraid to put them out there. Also, if you have personal questions, would like to sign up for group classes, or would like one on one sessions, contact me through Facebook messenger or through my email address

As always, with love,