Relationships 301 Part 6A: Resentment and Blame

Part 6 is split into two segments 6A and 6B. This segment it probably the most important part of the Relationships 301 video series. Do not watch unless you have watched parts 1-5 as each video builds upon the previous video – just like Relations 301 is built on the Foundations series. In part 6 we explore the most effective way to reduce resentment in a relationship.

From Tumblr – Sometimes I share.

People write me often on Tumblr for advice. I don’t normally share them elsewhere, but I thought this one just needed to be posted as a warning. This type of thinking isn’t productive and is about your insecurity.

anonymous asked:

i like this guy and really always try to get his attention, like i come up close to him and talk to him, laugh with him blabla, but he seems to always ignore me, like either he goes away when im there or never makes direct eye contact yet has no problem with my other friends, is something wrong with me?

My response: